Half Pipe

Half Pipe

Keep your snow gear at home.  Leave your image of fresh pow-pow and your definition of “big air” at the front gate—Elitch Gardens Half Pipe is Colorado’s most thrilling snowboard ride around. Guests get to thrash, shred and carve their way to the rim of the Half Pipe while spinning around and around. It’s truly epic, dudes and dudettes.

Guests must be at least 52” tall and must not exceed 76” tall to ride.  This ride may not accommodate guests with larger body proportions.  A test seat is available at the ride’s entrance.

See #32 under Thrill Rides on the Park Map & Guide.

Did you know? The Half Pipe-style coaster is the first one built in North America! Also, we are proud to say it is the tallest half pipe in Colorado standing at a raging 98.5 feet. 

HalfPipe at Elitch Gardens